Melody Drive-In Theatre Policies

The Melody Drive-In is a family owned theatre. Here are a few of our policies to help everyone have an enjoyable experience.

*Speed Limit is 5 mph. ( Please obey) Watch for children.

* Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

* High profile vehicles (large trucks, vans, suv's etc.) PLEASE do not park in front of smaller cars.

On busy nights larger vehicles will be parked in designated areas.

* Turn headlights off when entering theatre grounds.

* Please use only one parking spot per vehicle (strictly enforced on busy nights).

* Lawn chairs and blankets are welcome, however place them in front of your vehicle not beside it.

* Sorry, no barbecue grills or open fires.


* No glass containers are allowed on theatre grounds.

* For safety sake, shoes are to worn at all times.

* Please help us keep the drive-in clean by putting trash in the many containers on the theatre grounds.

* ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES : We do not encourage the consumption of alcoholic beverages, if you are over the age of 21 and care to partake in an adult beverage, do so responsibly and in the confines of your own vehicle. UNDERAGE DRINKING IS STRICLTLY PROHIBITED! Violators will be turned over to local law enforcement!

*Please show consideration for the other theatre patrons. examples {not playing radio too loud, honking your horns, flashing lights, using profane language, and or loud conversation}

* We hope you have an enjoyable time at our theatre, if so tell others, if not tell us.